End of Institute Wrap-Up

RRCHNM hosted the second Getty Foundation-sponsored institute for digital art history, “Building a Digital Portfolio.” The institute began on July 13, 2015 with twenty ardent art history graduate students eager to explore how digital humanities could enhance their own scholarship. The ten-day institute immersed the cohort in lectures, tutorials, and hands-on workshops. Though entering the institute with varying levels of comfort and ideas of what digital art history meant, each participant left the institute rethinking how their current research could be transformed digitally.

Building a Digital Portfolio participantsLed by Sheila Brennan and Sharon Leon, the cohort met each morning to discuss the theory, methods, and practice of digital humanities. Fruitful discussions from the morning sessions tied to participatory afternoon sessions where the budding digital art historians learned how to use the digital tools through demonstrations and hands-on work. Gretchen Burgess, Jannelle Legg, and Spencer Roberts, doctoral students from George Mason University’s history and art history program, shared own knowledge and experiences when offering tutorials and served as guides and mentors to the cohort.

By the end of the two weeks, the cohort successfully registered their own web domain; installed WordPress, Omeka, and Zotero; learned to annotate and aggregate repositories, collections, and metadata; measured, mapped, modeled, and visualized their data in a variety of forms; and discovered the various publication formats available. One participant reflected that the institute “provided a comfortable space to exchange ideas, learn about new tools, and build the confidence to explore the digital humanities within [their] own work.” Each student left with additional perspectives on how they could incorporate digital techniques into their art history work and reach new audience with their scholarship.

Personal reflections of “Building a Digital Portfolio” participants were aggregated and are available on the course website, with the help of RRCHNM’s PressForward plugin. Conversations continue in the #doingdah15 twitter stream, that include participate of all three Getty Foundation-funded digital humanities summer institutes.




Art History Graduate Students Ready to Build a Digital Portfolio

Building a Digital Portfolio, our next ten-day summer institute, runs July 13-24, 2015 on GMU’s Fairfax campus. We will bring together twenty art history graduate students from various universities within the United States and abroad – Canada, Germany, and the UK. While each participant specializes in a unique area of research, they have a shared desire to increase their knowledge of digital art history. Participants will explore the opportunities and challenges presented by the technologies associated with digital art history, as well as gain hands-on experience with tools and techniques (including metadata basics, data visualization, network graphs, and digital mapping) to apply to their personal research.


This is the second Getty Foundation-supported institute on digital art history organized by the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media. For information on last year’s institute, please see our website.


For a list of participants, click here.

Applications Open until March 15

We are now accepting applications for Building a Digital Portfolio.

Building a Digital Portfolio is a digital humanities summer institute for 20 art history graduate students offered by the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media, at George Mason University with support from the Getty Foundation that will be held July 13-24, 2015. The Getty is generously funding travel, lodging, and a modest per diem for all participants.

The goal of the institute is to introduce digital art history to graduate students in MA and PhD programs by training them in digital humanities methods and tools. See a preview of what we have planned: http://arthistory2015.doingdh.org/curriculum-draft/

To apply, please fill out the online application form by March 15, 2015. We will make our decisions in mid-April.

Applications Open in February

Applications will open for Building a Digital Portfolio: DH for Art History Graduate Students on Monday, February 9, 2015 to students pursuing MAs or PhDs in art history.

This summer institute, run by the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media at George Mason University, is part of an ongoing initiative from the Getty Foundation to increase adoption of digital methodologies and use of digital tools across the fields of art history.