July 13: Introductions




  • Opening comments and introductions
  • Introduction to the Digital Humanities Community and the Digital Art History web.
  • Overview of disciplinary approaches using “threshold concepts” (Meyer and Land):
    • tranformative
    • troublesome
    • irreversible
    • integrative
    • bounded
    • discursive
    • reconstitutive
    • liminality


  • Building a professional identity online.
  • Introduction to digital communication platforms
  • Hands-on Session: Sign up for/working with Twitter. #doingdah15
  • Hands-on Session: Sign up for Reclaim web hosting and install WordPress.
  • Project Planning: Sharing of Project Ideas



Extra Material

Additional readings and material are not required, but recommended. They are accessible through a Zotero Group Library. If you already use Zotero, click here to see the group and apply for membership.

Even if you don’t use Zotero, a link to the extra material is included at the bottom of each day’s schedule page: Zotero Folder – Day 1 – Introductions – Extra Material

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